Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Simple Steps For A Festive Make-up Look

Because you can never be too festive...

Add glitter:
Such a simple step can be so hard to accomplish. Many brands do glitters either as loose pigments (such as MAC or Barry M), or as pressed eyeshadow (which Urban Decay are so famous for), they also come in cream and eyeliner form, but I find creams hard to add to a look without messing up the rest of your make-up, but eyeliners can add a hint of glitz to a look.

Whether it is pressed or loose form I find it best to take a dense brush and pack it on my lids, I always hold a bit of paper or tissue underneath my eyes to catch any fallout but if some does fall down (and it always does) take any form of duo-fibre brush and wipe it away as it is the only type of brush that won't buff it into your skin. If you still have some a bit of tape can help take is off.

A sticky base can often help make it stick to the lids or if you have a setting spray spritzing some onto a brush and dabbing it onto the lids prior to applying the glitter can also help.

While shimmer is great all year long there is just something really christmassy about going all out with a foiled look. With a three basics shimmers you can have a great metallic look in whatever colour you wish.

You will need: a mid-tone shade, a colour 2-3 shades lighter and one 2-3 shades darker. You don't want anything starkly different as it won't look foiled. The overall colour palette colour be darker or lighter it's up to you.

First apply the mid-tone shade in the inner third and out third of your lid, keeping the centre clear. Next take the lighter shade, place that over the centre making sure to blend so there are no harsh lines. Lastly put a little bit of the darker colour in outer corner and inner corner. If you find you have smaller lids you can skip the bit in the inner corner or just use a very small brush. Just add finishing touches of a matte highlighter and maybe a matt crease colour. For the inner corner either skip or apply a colour that isn't too frosted or light or it could take attention away from the centre of the lid.

Colour Scheme:
Just picking your colours right can add the festive spirit. A gold on the lids and a red lip can go along way, if you want more colour a pop of green either under the eyes or as liner can help add a bit of festive cheer to your face.


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