Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Project Make A Dent: Complete

I bought a total of 2 make-up items over the past two months, one of which I pre-let myself buy and the other was a I'm at a CCO I'm allowed something-thing. So I'm pretty proud.

Products I finished:

Rimmel Pro Primer- I can't believe I forgot about this at the start, but as soon as I realised I quickly made an effort and it was gone within a few days. I like the primer but I think my L'√≥real one is better but this was £10 cheaper.

MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Natural- I probably had a couple of uses left but I think it was time to go. I've had it for a few years and I like it, it provides nice coverage and has nice finish. I remembered why I switched as I love dewier foundations with a more matt powder as I think it gives a nice skin-like finish and this just doesn't set it well enough but for those who don't need that then I would recommend it.

Proud of my progress:

Inglot 395p- I am so close to hitting pan on this it is insane. I use thinking 'today will be the day' and it isn't. I don't know whether this is a good thing or not.

Bobbi Brown Classic Everyday Kit- I've used the black everyday on brows, and the highlight shade as well. I love it and am so close to hitting pan on bone. I've also used the blush more than expected, but barely used the brown as there are so many others that I own that are more convenient.

Naked Palette- I'm pretty proud of my progress as I think I've made good work on colours like Sin and Toasted which I do love but never really wear (despite Sin being my jam when I first started wearing make-up). I also used creep way more than expected, I didn't use it loads but still more than expected.

Benefit Hoola- I used this a lot towards the start but tailed off once I received Tarte's Park Ave. Princess for my birthday but I still feel I made good progress on it.

Revlon Candy Apple- I've really loved this colour as it so easy to wear and goes with a lot of things while I've got a while to go before finishing I had used up a decent amount.

So that's it while I didn't make as much progress as I may have wanted. My collection hasn't grown as I have received/bought 3 things but finished 2 and thrown away a few mascaras that have dried up or I've owned to long so I view this as a success.


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