Saturday, 9 November 2013

My Favourite Make-Up Books

Combining my two great loves of make-up and books, if I found one that somehow worked TV in there I would be in heaven. Here are a few of my favourites.

Make-up Masterclass- Jemma Kidd- a great book that is half information on individual techniques and steps, and half tutorials which I think is the perfect mix. It goes into a nice amount of detail on each step including skin care without going overboard on unnecessary steps like skin or fitness like Bobbi Brown can. It also isn't very condescending as I find many can say you have to do this or never to do that which just isn't true (again Bobbi Brown is a major culprit). The step by steps are also nice as they are divided up into skin tone (with both warm and cool counterparts) and giving you info on which one you are. It also a has nice section on bridal make-up. I would recommend to most but it definitively tailored to beginners.

Make-up the ultimate guide- Rae Morris- I find this a mix of beginner and advanced as it has a detailed section of contouring and highlighting (think Kardashian) and vast array of looks but it also as great section on make-up for older skin which would be helpful for beginners (or a beginner in what type of make-up you now have to wear). I love the over 40 section (even though I have a long way to go) as it teaches you how to use shimmer as many make-up artists say 'if you're older a certain age don't even bother'. I know Rae Morris has an entire book on make-up for older skin and would highly recommend checking it out if you think it's suitable for you.

Beauty- Lauren Conrad- I love Lauren Conrad while I was never a huge fan of Laguna Beach or the Hills I still caught quite a few episodes and even then wasn't the biggest fan but over the past months (or years) I've fallen in love. I religiously read both her and her stylists blog and so I just needed a beauty book by her (I mean if I can't have TV, make-up and book, I'll settle for this). It's quite different from the other books on this list, it's more for your casual make-up wearer who likes to look good, knows a bit about it but wants a few simple looks to go to. Despite the fact this is very much not me I love it, I mean I've picked this over Game of Thrones quite a few times for a bath time read (who likes showers anyway?). It also has hair looks which I like as they are all very simple and very up my street, it also has good tips on fitness and skin care but not in an over-bearing way like Bobbi Brown can.

Any Bobbi Brown book- I know I have given her a bit of flack over the course of this post, I really am a fan but I think her advice should be taken with a grain of salt. I own three of her books, Teenage Beauty, Makeup Manual and Beauty Rules and how found she has a very definitive way of doing this and doesn't like you straying from it. I always feel judged when I don't use her methods, such as her way of applying blush which is now very popular and I just don't think it is flattering. I also find her  bit of  hypocrite as in every book she uses her '10 step system' and says you have to apply it this way and every time you can see the order of the photos has been changed. She says do the lips after foundation but the eyes are clearly done up, then onto the eyes and the model has no lipstick on but recently I have been seen on her website it is in the correct order (i.e. photos and description matching up). This sounds like a rant in what should be a favourites, I do think she provides good information just remember not to take everything she says to heart. 

I am always on the look out for more make-up books so I'm sure at some point I will do another one of these but for now this is it and what are some of your favourites because I am all ways interested to know.


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