Monday, 4 November 2013

How to Look Wide Awake (When You're Really Not)

Mornings were not designed with me in mind (because everyone knows the world revolves around me) and if you're ones of those people (like me) that get asked if they are awake on monday mornings this helps you look awake even if you don't feel like it, I mean make-up isn't magic after all (no matter what it can look like).

First I applied a primer (Nars) then a shimmery pink base (Revlon- Torch) but you can pick just one. Next I apply three, yes three, different shades of shimmery pinks. It might seam like overkill but the subtle differences in tone can help make the eyes look bigger and more awake but you don't have use three, two or even one can work well. I used Bootycall (Urban Decay), Silk Teddy ( Too Faced) and Sin (UD) in the that order across each third of my lid and

my inner corner. Next I applied a matt brown (Too Faced- Velvet Revolver) in my crease a matte cream (TF-Heaven) under my brow bone. I then put some of the shimmery pinks under my eyes in the same order as above. Next I applied black liquid liner on my upper lash line making sure to wing it out so it lifts your upwards, so it appears more awake. Next I add a white (NYX- Jumbo shadow stick- Milk) in my waterline but you can use a cream as it looks less harsh. Next I curled my lashes and applied mascara. I think for this look curling your lashes is especially important as, again, it lifts your eyes upwards. For my blush I used a matt pink (MAC- Oh So Fair, which is limited edition but easily dupable). As for lips I used a slightly shimmery purple/pink (Revlon- Lollipop) and applied a cream pink lip gloss (Estee Lauder- Simply Pink) over the top. The purple tones make your teeth and eyes looks whiter therefore brighter so it makes you look more awake. 
And that's it, it's great for monday mornings and days when you feel ill, if you can be bothered to put on make-up that is but it always cheers me up so I never go without.


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