Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Vice 2- Urban Decay

I’ve had my Vice 2 palette for about a week now and have tried out most of the colours so I’m here to share my thoughts.
Note: all shades mentioned that don’t have brand names are Urban Decay

Smokeout- a colour just shy of black with a red shimmer. It’s a beautiful colour that’s not overpoweringly dark but adds great depth to looks and can double as an eyeliner. One of my most used shades from the palette.

Lovesick- a somewhat sheer black with a silver glitter, compared to it is slightly sheerer but with more of a distinct glitter.

Shellshock- a buttery silver. Its very similer to the Silver half of Oz from the Glinda palette but slightly more subdued.

Coax- a mid-shimmery pink with a purple sheen. Looks good with a variety of shades, I’ve mixed it with the more bronzy shades in the palette and they’ve looked really good together.

X-rated- a light pink with a silver sheen. It’s similar to both Tainted by them and GLINDA by them but with a different coloured sheen and is more warmed toned as well.

Prank- a beautiful dark blue with a brighter blue shimmer. Surprisingly one of my favourite shades, which is weird because I’m not a big blue fan. It looks good both in the crease and as eyeliner and I have tutorial coming up using it (I am very excited for it, it has a whole themed week).

Madness- a mid toned grey-blue. I haven’t used this yet but is nicely pigmented.

Strike- a very yellow toned gold (more yellow than half baked) but has great pigmentation and goes on beautifully.

Stash- an olive green with a gold shimmer. One of my favourites in the palette.

Poison- a dark green with gold shimmer. It is to stash what Prank is to Maddness.

Radar- the shade that made me want the palette. It’s a deep very warm bronze, seams gritty and fallout-y but actually applies really well with little to no fallout.

Damged- a deep jewel toned green. Its darker than Homegrown but lighter than Bender. Its similar to a pigment MAC released a few years ago called Gilded Green but it’s darker.

Voodoo- a deep cool purple with red hints.

Betray- a shimmery lilac with a pink/blue sheen. Very similar to Omen but I’m not complaining since it’s a beautiful colour that applies like a dream.

Derailed- a cooler dark brown with some bronze shimmer. I really like it, I feel its similar to Bewitch but different enough to not be bothered by having both.

Dope- it’s a shimmery pink, that I’d say is the halfway house from Bootycall and Sin leaning more of the Bootycall side.

Toxic- a rose gold, that is quite similar to a colour in Bare Minerals’ Happy Place quad but this is less rosy.

Habit- a pink toned cream. For some people it will work as a highlight but not for me, it does work well in the lids and for some on the very pale side it will work as a crease colour.

Ambush- one of my favourites, a bronze that appears to be warm but when worn with cools it appears to have a cooler hint.

Rewind- a mid-toned cool brown, smooth in texture but can be a little hard to blend out at times.

I actually quite like the brush, I find the shader side a nice shape and density unlike anything I own but I’m sure other people will. The blending brush is too dense for me so it doesn’t blend shades out well for me. It is also hard to store, as it is double ended.

I really love this palette and would highly recommend it if you want it, as it has some beautiful shades in both the neutral and coloured variety.

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