Saturday, 26 October 2013

Vampire Slaying Proof Make-up- Whedon Week

Along with super strength, healing and fighting skills part of being a vampire slayer must be the power to keep your make-up on all night throughout school, parties and the ever-impending apocalypse because no one can look that polished without mystical forces being involved. These are my tips on getting as close you can with out becoming a slayer because despite the awesomeness of the show it would suck (pun intended).

The four-step method:

This works for most parks of the make-up application process. First prime this will build a barrier between your skin and the make-up so less oils can break down the make-up it will also give your make-up something to stick onto. Next is liquid/cream in some cases this will provide the most colour, like with foundation, other times it’s up to you. With foundation and eyeliner it’s the purpose but with eye shadow it’s often the predecessor for the latter it will give the rest of your make-up another thing to stick to. Then there is powder, it sets your make-up and just makes it last longer by stopping your make-up from moving and absorbs some oils. Next is setting spray, something we are seeing more of these days, you can shell out for a Skindinavia but I recently (OK a few months ago) found a MUA one which costs £5 and is pretty good. I have no idea how they work I just know they do.

A step that is important for eyeliner is powdering before as well, I find this helps the liner not stray away from where I want it.


Lips are a different ballpark all together its all about the formula the two main kinds are stain and matt. Stains as the name suggests stains the lips so can’t be moved by water, some stain straight away while others start with a more lipstick-y feeling before wearing away revealing a stain. Next matt, they barely budge but generally once they do come other (like with water) they don’t stain so have a shorter wear time.
Rimmel- Kate Moss Matt, Sleek- Matte Me, L'Oreal- Glossy Stains, Revlon- Just Bitten Balm Stain, Revlon- Just Bitten Stain

Meet Matt
It’s not just for lips but it works better on the face as well. While I love me dewier finishes they more around more so don’t stay on for as long. If you really miss the dew add it on with highlighters.

And now you should be ready to fight the vampires.


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