Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September '13 Non-beauty Favourites

I’ve loved a lot this much. Like a lot, a lot. Almost an embarrassing about of TV and films. I regret nothing.

Lost Girl- It feels like forever since I watched this show when really it was early this month. It’s an awesome TV show about a Succubus (a Fae that feeds off of sexual energy) as she is thrust into the Fae world. Not only is the main character a super strong girl who is bi and it’s a complete non-issue, but it’s a genuinely amazing show. I would say there’s a downside of it having a love triangle that turns into a love square but I feel it’s well done (unpopular opinion time: I ship DyBo). Not to mention Kenzi is an awesome character (totes shipping her and Hale) as is Vex who really reminds of Spike from Buffy. I highly recommend watching this especially if you love Buffy (But it has more of an Angel vibe to me, one of them episodes has three of the main characters turn into teenagers and they play spin the bottle that is very similar to an episode of Angel called spin the bottle) and if you don’t go watch Buffy.

Bad Education- It came back this month and it is one of my favourite comedy shows. It stars and is written by Jack Whitehall, about a teacher, hilarity ensues. It is easily one of the funniest shows on the TV right now.

The It Crowd- Sadly it was the last episode the other night and it was a great send off. If you haven’t seen it is about the IT department of a company and is again one of the funniest shows (my favourite episodes being the Countdown episode and the one where they go to the theatre). The final episode had great references to other episodes but wasn’t the funniest.

Gadget Man- Hosted by Richard Ayoade who plays Moss in the IT Crowd. It has a theme every episode and they explore technology to do with it while still being funny. It has lots of famous guest stars and is full of Richard Ayoade-esque humour.

The Vampire Diaries- I watched most of series the first series and bit of the second and I accidentally started watching it and just continued. I watched far more of the first series than I thought it did, I only ever missed like three episodes of the first series. I’ve noticed my opinions on the characters have really changed, Jeremy annoys me, I’m more of a Damon girl than a Stefan and Caroline is my JAM! I love her so much; I don’t remember having these strong feelings about her before.

Welcome To Nightvale- a podcast set in the fictional town of Nightvale, which is like Candor (50 points if you’ve ever read the book) set on a Hellmouth. Super weird, oddly creepy and pretty funny. I’ve been listening to it for about a month and half but I’m currently making an effort to catch up (for any fans of Angel, as you all should be, one of the songs is about Fred)

Netflix in general- I’ve watched about 20 films this months, everything from Drive to 50/50. I’ve even had some become some of my all time favourites (Can’t Buy Me Love, Cruel Intentions and Can’t Hardly Wait if you’re interested). I’ve also seen all but 2 of Seth Green films and TV shows on Netflix, everything from Party Monster to American Sweethearts. I’ve seen all but three John Cusack films. Oddly enough I really don’t have that much time on my hands.

I was actually planning on putting up my beauty favourites first but forgot to take photos so they should be up within the next few days. 

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