Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lorne- Angel- Whedon Week

Another Angel one. Lorne is defiantly one of my favourites (then again I tried making a list and it ended up having way to many characters on it and then I couldn’t decide it on the order). I’ve always loved Lorne’s make-up and while his was far more extreme, I just toned it down.

 First I applied a peachy cream all over my lids (1) (Bare Minerals- Happy Place quad). Then I took a matt red (2) (Sleek- blush by 3- Flame) and apply it all over my crease. Matt red shadows are often hard to find but blushes are far easier so as long as your eyes aren’t really sensitive (my can be and I have never had a problem). Lorne wore it quite far up over the brow bone but for a more wearable look I left space. Next I applied a matt black (Bobbi Brown- Caviar), again Lorne wears more (a lot more) but for the sake of wearability (which is totally a word) I wore less. Next I applied the red all along my lower lash line and applied a little bit of black as well. I then highlighted with a matt cream (Bobbi Brown- Bone). Then I applied a black gel liner (L’Oreal- Gel Intenza- Pure Black), I applied it thick and out into a wing, I then took the black shadow and placed it over blending it out. I then took a red eyeliner (I knew buying it would come in handy one day) and applied it in my waterline (Sleek- Moulin Rogue). I then curled my lashes and applied mascara. Lip wise I took a deep berry toned red (Rimmel-107) you could leave it here but I wanted to go darker plus Lorne had quite small lips so I tried to pronounce that by applied a very small amount of black like around the ages of my lips and blended it.

If you want to wear this as a costume I found a really good prosthetics tutorial but I think this work for a halloween style make-up. Any way I hoped you enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next one

- Ava


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