Monday, 21 October 2013

Illyria- Angel The Series- Whedon Week

One of my favourite characters of all time and part of me wishes she had more screen time and the other part of me knows what that would entail (but the original idea for her seams pretty awesome and makes me wish even more that the series continued). For those who don’t know, Illyria was in the show Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer's spin off) and was played by Amy Acker (there was no way I was going without an Amy Acker tutorial this week).

First apply a primer and/or a white base (NYX- Milk). I then applied a white/blue duo-chrome shade (1) (Urban Decay- Glinda Palette- Spell) to my inner half and inner corner. Then I apply a mid-tone grey/blue (2) (UD- Hijack). I then use a navy blue with shimmer (3) (UD- Prank) I apply it to my crease precisely cutting it off. I then blend it, gradually blending and building again until I get the intensity I want. Illyria wears a more cut crease but I enjoy blending it out more. I then go over my lower lash line using them same three colours in order. I then highlight my brow bone with a matt cream colour but I have a feeling Illyria wore it more shimmery. I them line my eyes with a liquid liner, but you could use gel, or a black shadow. I then follow up with mascara.

For the lips I applied foundation all over them I then mixed a shimmery-clear gloss with a metallic blue pigment (Barry M- 6) . If you want to wear this on as a day-to-day thing I’d change it since its not very wearable (weird I know), you could pair it with a regular nude or maybe something more berry toned.

If you want to wear this as a costume you’d need to add a deep blue around the forehead, in the temples and by your jaw as if you were contouring. 



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