Saturday, 26 October 2013

Halloween Make-up

Just because your not wearing a costume doesn’t mean you can’t get festive for Halloween. Here are some of my favourite (and affordable) things to wear for Halloween.
 Sleek- Sunset palette- a palette filled with rustic reds, yellows and oranges which look great in the Autumn and can work for a Halloween if you want venture into reds but without going crazy. It also has a black so if you prefer you can go for a dark smokey eyes which could work well with a hint of reds or oranges

Sleek- Eau La La liners- Moulin Rogue and Pumpkin- because everyone needs a red and an orange eyeliner… right? While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea I love it, the orange is less daring but still makes a statement and if you want you can line black over it so the colour just pops out. The orange would also look good on the bottom lashline as a hint of colour but the red might not be very flattering.

Sleek- Blush by 3- Flame and Pumpkin- Flame has a great matt red, which works great as a blush and an eyeshadow. I wore it as an eyeshadow last year and really liked it. Pumpkin has orange tone blushes and with a name like pumpkin it’s very Halloweeny.

Sleek-Lips4- Siren and Tease- Siren has nice corals and great orange which would look cool for a brighter look or tease has lots of dark reds which could give a more gothic look (which would look great with intense liner).

Revlon- Black Cherry- a great dark burgundy with both purple and red tones. You can pile it for an intense look or sheer it out for more of a berry toned stain.

Sleek- Matte Me- Flandango Purple- Purple is one of my favourite lip colour and this is a great bright but not too bright colour and because its matt it can make even more of a statement but you can pair a gloss over the top to add some shine.

I’m not even the biggest Halloween fan but I love that sort of make-up and any excuse to wear it (not that I need one)


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