Thursday, 24 October 2013

Faith Lehane- Buffy The Vampire Slayer/ Angel- Whedon Week

Faith is a brilliant character whether you like her or not. She also has pretty cool makeup. She wore a variety of looks, whether it was intentional or not her make-up is often darker when she was more insecure and lighter in her redemption periods. In her one of her darkest moments she wears her most intense look. Because of this admiration for the make-up artist I had to include one of her looks, her eyes were often liner heavy and I picked a shape she wore frequently but I show a variety of lips.

First I applied a light warm brown (UD- Naked) in my crease. I then roughly lined my eyes with a gel liner brining it out into a wing then cutting it across so a c forms, I then blend it out. Next I applied a satin light tan colour (MAC- Arena) and mixed with a shimmery pink (UD- Sin). Next I applied a black with some red tones (UD-Smokeout but Hustle could work well if not better), I focused it where the liner was applied but smudged it out further, next I applied a gel liner in my tightline and waterline, I find it heavy liner looks its best to do this first as you can apply to much otherwise (but for Faith it wouldn’t really matter). I also apply it over my bottom lashline blending it out. Next I apply it on top, winging it out mirroring the first liner application but more precisely and thinner, make sure to link the bottom lashline with the top one. Next I highlight with a matt cream (Bobbi Brown- Bone). I then heavily apply mascara (Bobbi Brown- Smokey eye).

For the lips Faith mixed it up, I showed three options and they all look really similar in the picture, if you want better (but arm) swatches they are all in my Autumn Lips post. First I have Revlon- Crimson, which was limited edition, but I have dupes in the post, it’s a deep red that is very faith. Next is Revlon- Black Cherry, it’s a dark purple with red undertones and L’Oreal’s Glossy Stain- Juliet which is red rose which is a lot less red then shown.


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