Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Drusilla- Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel- Whedon Week

Next up Drusilla, I a pretty amazing character while she was never my favourite I defiantly enjoyed her time on the show. I mean who does like a crazy killer? This look if more of her series 2 style as it changed quite a bit in later series.

First I applied a purple/gray colour all over the lids and in my lower lash line (1) (Tease). Next I deepened the crease with a deep brown purple with shimmer (2) (Busted). I then went in with a creamy and highlighted my brow bone and cleaned up the look (3) (Foxy). Next I applied a small amount of shimmer in my inner corner (Bottycall) but you don’t need to. Next I lined my eyes with a black shadow (Blackout) if you want an intense look (more like how she wears it) I’d apply a gel liner then go over it with shadow. She wore a line was a little thinner in the inner corner of the eye but stayed a constant thickness after about a third of the way in. She has a slight wing that goes downward. Next I curled and applied mascara my eyes. On my lips I used two nudes (Sleek- Ballet) a pale one and slightly darker one. I put the light one all over and the darker around the eyes. If you’re more daring apply a dark lip colour over the edges. You could go with a very dark lip if you want or a nude with a shimmer lip gloss over- preferably something blue or purple similar to the lip I used for Illyria.


Sorry for any redness under the eye, I had some left over my my Lorne look

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