Thursday, 31 October 2013

Face Of The Day- 26-10-13

Not exactly an everyday look but I really like it, I think its look quite Christmassy, because everyone needs that in October (I get excited early) but it could also be halloween-y so it okay (right?).
Nars Casino Bronzer
Nars Sin Blush

Nars Hungary Heart Duo
Bobbi Brown Bone
Inglot 395p
Sleek Eau La La liner in Moulin Rogue
Volume de Chanel mascara

Rimmel 107 lipstick
Sleek lips4 siren (orange shade)


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Halloween Make-up

Just because your not wearing a costume doesn’t mean you can’t get festive for Halloween. Here are some of my favourite (and affordable) things to wear for Halloween.
 Sleek- Sunset palette- a palette filled with rustic reds, yellows and oranges which look great in the Autumn and can work for a Halloween if you want venture into reds but without going crazy. It also has a black so if you prefer you can go for a dark smokey eyes which could work well with a hint of reds or oranges

Sleek- Eau La La liners- Moulin Rogue and Pumpkin- because everyone needs a red and an orange eyeliner… right? While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea I love it, the orange is less daring but still makes a statement and if you want you can line black over it so the colour just pops out. The orange would also look good on the bottom lashline as a hint of colour but the red might not be very flattering.

Sleek- Blush by 3- Flame and Pumpkin- Flame has a great matt red, which works great as a blush and an eyeshadow. I wore it as an eyeshadow last year and really liked it. Pumpkin has orange tone blushes and with a name like pumpkin it’s very Halloweeny.

Sleek-Lips4- Siren and Tease- Siren has nice corals and great orange which would look cool for a brighter look or tease has lots of dark reds which could give a more gothic look (which would look great with intense liner).

Revlon- Black Cherry- a great dark burgundy with both purple and red tones. You can pile it for an intense look or sheer it out for more of a berry toned stain.

Sleek- Matte Me- Flandango Purple- Purple is one of my favourite lip colour and this is a great bright but not too bright colour and because its matt it can make even more of a statement but you can pair a gloss over the top to add some shine.

I’m not even the biggest Halloween fan but I love that sort of make-up and any excuse to wear it (not that I need one)


Vampire Slaying Proof Make-up- Whedon Week

Along with super strength, healing and fighting skills part of being a vampire slayer must be the power to keep your make-up on all night throughout school, parties and the ever-impending apocalypse because no one can look that polished without mystical forces being involved. These are my tips on getting as close you can with out becoming a slayer because despite the awesomeness of the show it would suck (pun intended).

The four-step method:

This works for most parks of the make-up application process. First prime this will build a barrier between your skin and the make-up so less oils can break down the make-up it will also give your make-up something to stick onto. Next is liquid/cream in some cases this will provide the most colour, like with foundation, other times it’s up to you. With foundation and eyeliner it’s the purpose but with eye shadow it’s often the predecessor for the latter it will give the rest of your make-up another thing to stick to. Then there is powder, it sets your make-up and just makes it last longer by stopping your make-up from moving and absorbs some oils. Next is setting spray, something we are seeing more of these days, you can shell out for a Skindinavia but I recently (OK a few months ago) found a MUA one which costs £5 and is pretty good. I have no idea how they work I just know they do.

A step that is important for eyeliner is powdering before as well, I find this helps the liner not stray away from where I want it.


Lips are a different ballpark all together its all about the formula the two main kinds are stain and matt. Stains as the name suggests stains the lips so can’t be moved by water, some stain straight away while others start with a more lipstick-y feeling before wearing away revealing a stain. Next matt, they barely budge but generally once they do come other (like with water) they don’t stain so have a shorter wear time.
Rimmel- Kate Moss Matt, Sleek- Matte Me, L'Oreal- Glossy Stains, Revlon- Just Bitten Balm Stain, Revlon- Just Bitten Stain

Meet Matt
It’s not just for lips but it works better on the face as well. While I love me dewier finishes they more around more so don’t stay on for as long. If you really miss the dew add it on with highlighters.

And now you should be ready to fight the vampires.


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Faith Lehane- Buffy The Vampire Slayer/ Angel- Whedon Week

Faith is a brilliant character whether you like her or not. She also has pretty cool makeup. She wore a variety of looks, whether it was intentional or not her make-up is often darker when she was more insecure and lighter in her redemption periods. In her one of her darkest moments she wears her most intense look. Because of this admiration for the make-up artist I had to include one of her looks, her eyes were often liner heavy and I picked a shape she wore frequently but I show a variety of lips.

First I applied a light warm brown (UD- Naked) in my crease. I then roughly lined my eyes with a gel liner brining it out into a wing then cutting it across so a c forms, I then blend it out. Next I applied a satin light tan colour (MAC- Arena) and mixed with a shimmery pink (UD- Sin). Next I applied a black with some red tones (UD-Smokeout but Hustle could work well if not better), I focused it where the liner was applied but smudged it out further, next I applied a gel liner in my tightline and waterline, I find it heavy liner looks its best to do this first as you can apply to much otherwise (but for Faith it wouldn’t really matter). I also apply it over my bottom lashline blending it out. Next I apply it on top, winging it out mirroring the first liner application but more precisely and thinner, make sure to link the bottom lashline with the top one. Next I highlight with a matt cream (Bobbi Brown- Bone). I then heavily apply mascara (Bobbi Brown- Smokey eye).

For the lips Faith mixed it up, I showed three options and they all look really similar in the picture, if you want better (but arm) swatches they are all in my Autumn Lips post. First I have Revlon- Crimson, which was limited edition, but I have dupes in the post, it’s a deep red that is very faith. Next is Revlon- Black Cherry, it’s a dark purple with red undertones and L’Oreal’s Glossy Stain- Juliet which is red rose which is a lot less red then shown.


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Drusilla- Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel- Whedon Week

Next up Drusilla, I a pretty amazing character while she was never my favourite I defiantly enjoyed her time on the show. I mean who does like a crazy killer? This look if more of her series 2 style as it changed quite a bit in later series.

First I applied a purple/gray colour all over the lids and in my lower lash line (1) (Tease). Next I deepened the crease with a deep brown purple with shimmer (2) (Busted). I then went in with a creamy and highlighted my brow bone and cleaned up the look (3) (Foxy). Next I applied a small amount of shimmer in my inner corner (Bottycall) but you don’t need to. Next I lined my eyes with a black shadow (Blackout) if you want an intense look (more like how she wears it) I’d apply a gel liner then go over it with shadow. She wore a line was a little thinner in the inner corner of the eye but stayed a constant thickness after about a third of the way in. She has a slight wing that goes downward. Next I curled and applied mascara my eyes. On my lips I used two nudes (Sleek- Ballet) a pale one and slightly darker one. I put the light one all over and the darker around the eyes. If you’re more daring apply a dark lip colour over the edges. You could go with a very dark lip if you want or a nude with a shimmer lip gloss over- preferably something blue or purple similar to the lip I used for Illyria.


Sorry for any redness under the eye, I had some left over my my Lorne look

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lorne- Angel- Whedon Week

Another Angel one. Lorne is defiantly one of my favourites (then again I tried making a list and it ended up having way to many characters on it and then I couldn’t decide it on the order). I’ve always loved Lorne’s make-up and while his was far more extreme, I just toned it down.

 First I applied a peachy cream all over my lids (1) (Bare Minerals- Happy Place quad). Then I took a matt red (2) (Sleek- blush by 3- Flame) and apply it all over my crease. Matt red shadows are often hard to find but blushes are far easier so as long as your eyes aren’t really sensitive (my can be and I have never had a problem). Lorne wore it quite far up over the brow bone but for a more wearable look I left space. Next I applied a matt black (Bobbi Brown- Caviar), again Lorne wears more (a lot more) but for the sake of wearability (which is totally a word) I wore less. Next I applied the red all along my lower lash line and applied a little bit of black as well. I then highlighted with a matt cream (Bobbi Brown- Bone). Then I applied a black gel liner (L’Oreal- Gel Intenza- Pure Black), I applied it thick and out into a wing, I then took the black shadow and placed it over blending it out. I then took a red eyeliner (I knew buying it would come in handy one day) and applied it in my waterline (Sleek- Moulin Rogue). I then curled my lashes and applied mascara. Lip wise I took a deep berry toned red (Rimmel-107) you could leave it here but I wanted to go darker plus Lorne had quite small lips so I tried to pronounce that by applied a very small amount of black like around the ages of my lips and blended it.

If you want to wear this as a costume I found a really good prosthetics tutorial but I think this work for a halloween style make-up. Any way I hoped you enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next one

- Ava


Monday, 21 October 2013

Illyria- Angel The Series- Whedon Week

One of my favourite characters of all time and part of me wishes she had more screen time and the other part of me knows what that would entail (but the original idea for her seams pretty awesome and makes me wish even more that the series continued). For those who don’t know, Illyria was in the show Angel (Buffy The Vampire Slayer's spin off) and was played by Amy Acker (there was no way I was going without an Amy Acker tutorial this week).

First apply a primer and/or a white base (NYX- Milk). I then applied a white/blue duo-chrome shade (1) (Urban Decay- Glinda Palette- Spell) to my inner half and inner corner. Then I apply a mid-tone grey/blue (2) (UD- Hijack). I then use a navy blue with shimmer (3) (UD- Prank) I apply it to my crease precisely cutting it off. I then blend it, gradually blending and building again until I get the intensity I want. Illyria wears a more cut crease but I enjoy blending it out more. I then go over my lower lash line using them same three colours in order. I then highlight my brow bone with a matt cream colour but I have a feeling Illyria wore it more shimmery. I them line my eyes with a liquid liner, but you could use gel, or a black shadow. I then follow up with mascara.

For the lips I applied foundation all over them I then mixed a shimmery-clear gloss with a metallic blue pigment (Barry M- 6) . If you want to wear this on as a day-to-day thing I’d change it since its not very wearable (weird I know), you could pair it with a regular nude or maybe something more berry toned.

If you want to wear this as a costume you’d need to add a deep blue around the forehead, in the temples and by your jaw as if you were contouring. 



Whedon Week

Starting today, until this friday I will be posting a blog post based around a character created by Joss Whedon. I had a lot of ideas for this but narrowed it down to five. Unfortunately they are all Buffy/Angel related but if I do this again (and I want to) there will defiantly be others.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Vice 2- Urban Decay

I’ve had my Vice 2 palette for about a week now and have tried out most of the colours so I’m here to share my thoughts.
Note: all shades mentioned that don’t have brand names are Urban Decay

Smokeout- a colour just shy of black with a red shimmer. It’s a beautiful colour that’s not overpoweringly dark but adds great depth to looks and can double as an eyeliner. One of my most used shades from the palette.

Lovesick- a somewhat sheer black with a silver glitter, compared to it is slightly sheerer but with more of a distinct glitter.

Shellshock- a buttery silver. Its very similer to the Silver half of Oz from the Glinda palette but slightly more subdued.

Coax- a mid-shimmery pink with a purple sheen. Looks good with a variety of shades, I’ve mixed it with the more bronzy shades in the palette and they’ve looked really good together.

X-rated- a light pink with a silver sheen. It’s similar to both Tainted by them and GLINDA by them but with a different coloured sheen and is more warmed toned as well.

Prank- a beautiful dark blue with a brighter blue shimmer. Surprisingly one of my favourite shades, which is weird because I’m not a big blue fan. It looks good both in the crease and as eyeliner and I have tutorial coming up using it (I am very excited for it, it has a whole themed week).

Madness- a mid toned grey-blue. I haven’t used this yet but is nicely pigmented.

Strike- a very yellow toned gold (more yellow than half baked) but has great pigmentation and goes on beautifully.

Stash- an olive green with a gold shimmer. One of my favourites in the palette.

Poison- a dark green with gold shimmer. It is to stash what Prank is to Maddness.

Radar- the shade that made me want the palette. It’s a deep very warm bronze, seams gritty and fallout-y but actually applies really well with little to no fallout.

Damged- a deep jewel toned green. Its darker than Homegrown but lighter than Bender. Its similar to a pigment MAC released a few years ago called Gilded Green but it’s darker.

Voodoo- a deep cool purple with red hints.

Betray- a shimmery lilac with a pink/blue sheen. Very similar to Omen but I’m not complaining since it’s a beautiful colour that applies like a dream.

Derailed- a cooler dark brown with some bronze shimmer. I really like it, I feel its similar to Bewitch but different enough to not be bothered by having both.

Dope- it’s a shimmery pink, that I’d say is the halfway house from Bootycall and Sin leaning more of the Bootycall side.

Toxic- a rose gold, that is quite similar to a colour in Bare Minerals’ Happy Place quad but this is less rosy.

Habit- a pink toned cream. For some people it will work as a highlight but not for me, it does work well in the lids and for some on the very pale side it will work as a crease colour.

Ambush- one of my favourites, a bronze that appears to be warm but when worn with cools it appears to have a cooler hint.

Rewind- a mid-toned cool brown, smooth in texture but can be a little hard to blend out at times.

I actually quite like the brush, I find the shader side a nice shape and density unlike anything I own but I’m sure other people will. The blending brush is too dense for me so it doesn’t blend shades out well for me. It is also hard to store, as it is double ended.

I really love this palette and would highly recommend it if you want it, as it has some beautiful shades in both the neutral and coloured variety.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

September '13 Beauty Favourites

Sorry this is so late, I was just so busy the last week or so (I went on a 3 day walk/camping trip and catching up after it was hard) but it is here now so lets begin.

Revlon- Torch, Sleek- Petal, Party Pink, Flandango Purple, Bourjois- Bronzing primer, Bobbi Brown- Rose, MAC- Brit Wit
Sleek- Matte Me- In Flandango Purple, Petal and Party Pink- I’ve been using Party Pink the least out of the three and I’ve been loving mixing Petal and the purple together. They are incredibly pigmented, only needing a little bit on the lips and set so they don’t budge.

Rimmel- Stay Matte- I was loving this powder and while I have set it aside until I use up my Mac MSF, it has only intensified my love for it as I feel it keeps the oil away for longer.

Bourjois- Bronzing Primer- another product that has slide to back after trying to use other products that are close to the end but it gives a nice bronzed look.

MAC- Creamblend Blush- Brit Wit- a colour I talked about in my favourite autumn blushes, it’s a rose toned mauve that I’ve been frequently wearing (and loving). It’s not too much yet gives a polished look.

Bobbi Brown- Pot Rogue- Rose- another colour I’ve already talked about. I’ve been wearing it more and more and loving every moment of it. 

Urban Decay- Naked Palette- A staple in most make-up lovers collection. I’ve been enjoying Toasted, Smog and Sin more than usual, but my constant love for Naked, Buck and Virgin are still there.

Sleek- Sunset Palette- the gorgeous rustic reds and oranges are colour I love and as it transitions further into autumn I get to wear them more and more. Not to mention they’re greatly pigmented and pretty cheap too.

Rvelon- Colourstay- Torch- I've been loving using both the light shimmery pink and the bronze. Beautifully pigmented and applies and blends like a dream.

L’oreal- Primer- My love and I together at last. I love this primer but went on a yearlong break from it as I didn’t really want to dish out £15 for a L’oreal product but I caved as I love it so much.

Max Factor- Clump Defy- I love the original False Lash Effect and love this mascara as well. It gives some length; some volume and barley any clumps so if I want a heavier lash look I can, without my fear of clumps getting in the way.

Bourjois- Liner- I’ve been loving liquid liner this much, and I can draw a super fine line with this, where as gel despite my love for the colours I can’t quite get the line and wing I like. He only thing is I have a hard time creating a thicker wing and it doesn’t last a long as the Urban Decay one (which is my all time favourite until I sadly lost it)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September '13 Non-beauty Favourites

I’ve loved a lot this much. Like a lot, a lot. Almost an embarrassing about of TV and films. I regret nothing.

Lost Girl- It feels like forever since I watched this show when really it was early this month. It’s an awesome TV show about a Succubus (a Fae that feeds off of sexual energy) as she is thrust into the Fae world. Not only is the main character a super strong girl who is bi and it’s a complete non-issue, but it’s a genuinely amazing show. I would say there’s a downside of it having a love triangle that turns into a love square but I feel it’s well done (unpopular opinion time: I ship DyBo). Not to mention Kenzi is an awesome character (totes shipping her and Hale) as is Vex who really reminds of Spike from Buffy. I highly recommend watching this especially if you love Buffy (But it has more of an Angel vibe to me, one of them episodes has three of the main characters turn into teenagers and they play spin the bottle that is very similar to an episode of Angel called spin the bottle) and if you don’t go watch Buffy.

Bad Education- It came back this month and it is one of my favourite comedy shows. It stars and is written by Jack Whitehall, about a teacher, hilarity ensues. It is easily one of the funniest shows on the TV right now.

The It Crowd- Sadly it was the last episode the other night and it was a great send off. If you haven’t seen it is about the IT department of a company and is again one of the funniest shows (my favourite episodes being the Countdown episode and the one where they go to the theatre). The final episode had great references to other episodes but wasn’t the funniest.

Gadget Man- Hosted by Richard Ayoade who plays Moss in the IT Crowd. It has a theme every episode and they explore technology to do with it while still being funny. It has lots of famous guest stars and is full of Richard Ayoade-esque humour.

The Vampire Diaries- I watched most of series the first series and bit of the second and I accidentally started watching it and just continued. I watched far more of the first series than I thought it did, I only ever missed like three episodes of the first series. I’ve noticed my opinions on the characters have really changed, Jeremy annoys me, I’m more of a Damon girl than a Stefan and Caroline is my JAM! I love her so much; I don’t remember having these strong feelings about her before.

Welcome To Nightvale- a podcast set in the fictional town of Nightvale, which is like Candor (50 points if you’ve ever read the book) set on a Hellmouth. Super weird, oddly creepy and pretty funny. I’ve been listening to it for about a month and half but I’m currently making an effort to catch up (for any fans of Angel, as you all should be, one of the songs is about Fred)

Netflix in general- I’ve watched about 20 films this months, everything from Drive to 50/50. I’ve even had some become some of my all time favourites (Can’t Buy Me Love, Cruel Intentions and Can’t Hardly Wait if you’re interested). I’ve also seen all but 2 of Seth Green films and TV shows on Netflix, everything from Party Monster to American Sweethearts. I’ve seen all but three John Cusack films. Oddly enough I really don’t have that much time on my hands.

I was actually planning on putting up my beauty favourites first but forgot to take photos so they should be up within the next few days.