Monday, 23 September 2013

Project Make A Dent

I have decided I have too much make up but project 10 pan seams far too daunting. So instead I’ve set a date for my self, November 15th, in a little less than two months time and I will try and use up as much of the products below as I can. A few I know I can finish others I just want to use more. I’ve focused on eyes and lips as that’s what I feel I have to much of, but I’ve thrown in a face powder as I feel I have too many that are almost finished that I need to use up. I  started this last Friday, so the 20th of September so it will last a little under a month. I’ve made a list of 2-3 things I shall allow myself to buy if I see, but won’t buy any lip or cheek or face products, so my collection should in theory shrink.

 MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist- I don’t want to finish this just to remember to use it

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Eyeliner Ultra Black- I was thinking of buying the urban decay one which is the love of my life, but I lost it. So I was thinking of buying it for my birthday, so I want this gone.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter - Candy Apple- I have wayyyy to many red lipstick so I picked one that was clostest to gone, and threw out one that went bad.

Sleek Matte Me Nail Polish Fandango Purple and Polish Petal- New additions, but I’ve been loving them for they’re staying power.

Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base- I don’t want it gone, just with all the other stuff I use frequently.

Marks and Spencer- Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour- Damsel- I needed an autumnal shade in here, and this doesn’t have much in it to it won.

Revlon Eyeshadow ColorStay Smoky Shadow Stick Torch- I really like it but I don’t think I use it enough, so this will be a could opportunity to do so, especially since it goes well under a lot of the other shadows I have tried to use up.

Miss Dior Cherie- I've owned this for almost 5 years now and while I've treated it well, I think its time to go, even though I love it so (Look at me being all poetic)

Urban Decay Naked Palette- I’ve hit pan on 3 shades but feel others are far too under used, I love the palette so using it shouldn’t be too hard.  

Too Faced Natural Eye- I love this palette, hit pan on one shade and close on 3 others, my aim is to hit this one more than the other two. I doubt I can use it all since I’ve barely ever used nude beach and never intending too.  

Inglot freedom system- 395p, 315 m, s15, 123r, 124r- I love this palette and am close to hitting pan on 395p which is one of my favourite eye shadows ever. I’m not trying to finish it up just use it more and I need some red toned shades in my life, I doubt I could continue with this if I was always using natural shades.

MAC mineralise skin finish- I love this, but have barely used in the past year. I don’t need to use much to finish it so I should be finished it in a month a most. It needs to go so I’m excited to finish it. If finish it quickly I’ll go onto my amazing cosmetics as well.

Benefit Hoola bronzer – I have a lot of matte bronzer and I’m almost finished with a mini of this.

Nars Casino Bronzer- Another bronzer I know, but it’s darker, sheerer and with more of a glow. I’ve almost hit pan on this, so hopefully I can do some damge (in a good way)

Bobbi everyday
- I own dupes for all the shades so having it gone will be nice, I will be making an effort until its gone not just in the time.

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