Saturday, 28 September 2013

Favourite Autumn/Fall Blushes

The way I feel about autumn blushes, matches the way I fell about autumn lips. I love them, can’t get enough, so here are my favourites.

MAC-Brit Wit, Bobbi Brown-Rose, Clinque- Blackberry Bloom, Nars- Sin Sleek- Pumpkin

Sleek- Sugar, Sleek- Flame

Mac- Creamblend Blush- Brit Wit- A rose-y mauve, very natural yet still gives colour. It’s one of my favourites and for some reason it reminds me of school, despite not really wearing it to school.

Bobbi Brown- Pot Rogue- Rose- I love this dark, brown based rose colour. It also looks beautiful under a bright pink

Clinque- Blackberry Bloom- a shimmery, brown-based plum. I love it; it looks great over a shimmery gold like MACs Golf deposit. It’s very similar to MACs Plum Foolery.

Nars- Sin- A dusty purple/plum with a gold sheen, works well with many looks and is beautifully pigmented.

Sleek- Blush By 3- Pumpkin- beautiful brights, with orange tones, which look great for a brighter autumn look. There are 3 shades, one oranged-toned red with a gold sheen, a mid-tone warm pink with a slight sheen and a bright matte orange, which I love. I was imitated by it for a while (which is weird because MACs cream colour base in Virgin Isle are one of my favourites) but actually looks great on the cheeks.

Sleek – Blush By 3- Sugar- Dark red toned blushes, a dark plum, a shimmery plum with gold sheen and a warm toned brown. Surprisingly easy to wear yet can still be strong and look great on all skins tones not matter how it appears.

Sleek-Blush By 3- Flame- A very red palette that has a brown red with shimmer, true matter red and an orange red with gold shimmer.

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