Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Guide To Hair Oils

Hair oils are a staple in my hair care routine and can do wonders for different types of things. They can also be inexpensive for just a carrier oil and if you want to add an extra essential oil for more benefits that’s great too. Carrier oils are the bulk of what you put on your hair, are generally cheap and have a variety of beneficial properties. Essential oils are a lot more expensive for the liquid but you use significantly less and you need too add a carrier oil to dilute it or it will irritate your skin. It usually says on the bottle how many drops can be added to the carrier oil.

I generally add some to my hair before a bath about once a week but if I ever have to wash my hair in the morning I put this on my hair before bed and sleep in it.

Different oils have different properties but a common trait is their moisturising abilities.

Carrier oils:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- one of my personal favourites, it is deep conditioning, it’s meant to stop hair loss as well as stopping dandruff. My dad has had dandruff for years and has used every product under the sun to try and stop it, I recommended olive oil and he said he noticed a distinct difference after one use.

Coconut Oil- my other favourite it’s a solid which melts in your hands but I often pop it in the bath for a minute or two to warm it up, if you want to mix an essential oil in you would need to melt it all the way first. It is a great option as it is moisturising, promotes hair growth, dandruff and thickens hair. It also has very small molecules so fits into your hair shaft better than most oils. It also is surprisingly un-greasy oil.

Castor Oil- thickens, smoothes and moisturises, best for coarse curly hair as it can weight hair down.

 Avocado Oil- packed full of vitamins and fatty acids it strengthens hair and boosts shine.

Essential Oils:

Lavender: a great all round oil you can’t go wrong, but it is especially great for dandruff and hair growth. It’s my most used essential oil.

Peppermint: helps stimulate hair growth.

Tea Tree: it moisturises hair and has great anti-bacterial properties so can be good for dandruff.

Chamomile: helps soothe hair so it is good for dandruff and irritation, which can be useful for chemically processed hair (and if it goes wrong).

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