Saturday, 28 September 2013

Favourite Autumn/Fall Blushes

The way I feel about autumn blushes, matches the way I fell about autumn lips. I love them, can’t get enough, so here are my favourites.

MAC-Brit Wit, Bobbi Brown-Rose, Clinque- Blackberry Bloom, Nars- Sin Sleek- Pumpkin

Sleek- Sugar, Sleek- Flame

Mac- Creamblend Blush- Brit Wit- A rose-y mauve, very natural yet still gives colour. It’s one of my favourites and for some reason it reminds me of school, despite not really wearing it to school.

Bobbi Brown- Pot Rogue- Rose- I love this dark, brown based rose colour. It also looks beautiful under a bright pink

Clinque- Blackberry Bloom- a shimmery, brown-based plum. I love it; it looks great over a shimmery gold like MACs Golf deposit. It’s very similar to MACs Plum Foolery.

Nars- Sin- A dusty purple/plum with a gold sheen, works well with many looks and is beautifully pigmented.

Sleek- Blush By 3- Pumpkin- beautiful brights, with orange tones, which look great for a brighter autumn look. There are 3 shades, one oranged-toned red with a gold sheen, a mid-tone warm pink with a slight sheen and a bright matte orange, which I love. I was imitated by it for a while (which is weird because MACs cream colour base in Virgin Isle are one of my favourites) but actually looks great on the cheeks.

Sleek – Blush By 3- Sugar- Dark red toned blushes, a dark plum, a shimmery plum with gold sheen and a warm toned brown. Surprisingly easy to wear yet can still be strong and look great on all skins tones not matter how it appears.

Sleek-Blush By 3- Flame- A very red palette that has a brown red with shimmer, true matter red and an orange red with gold shimmer.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Autumnal Grunge

 This is one of my favourite Autumn looks using one of my favourite palettes, it's a little more intense than the pictures show but is easy softened out.
Inglot-395p, Sleek- Sunset Palette

First I prime my lids, my favourite is the Nars primer but today I used a Jemma Kidd one. Next from my Sleek Sunset palette, which is where most of the shadows I am using are from, I take an orange gold, with gold-flecks (1) and put it all over my lids with a shader brush (shadow brush from Sephora).
Next I use a mid-tone rusty red shade (2), I apply this in my crease with a tapered duo-fibre eye brush (Real Techniques) but any blending brush will do. Next I use a more true red(3) and deepen the crease and focus it more towards the centre of the crease. Then I take a deeper plum (4) and focus it in the outer half of my crease slightly bringing it outwards.

 Next I take cream shade (Bone by Bobbi Brown) and highlight my brow bone while cleaning up the look. I also take a fluffy blending brush (Sigma E40). I then take the rusty red and smudge it along the lower lash line (Sephora smudger brush).


If you want to smooth it out, or if you don’t want red on the lower lash line apply a warm toned brown, bring it down further than normal. Next with a pencil brush (Sigma E30) I mix a shimmery yellow (5) with a shimmery pearl (5- Inglot’s 395p) and apply to my inner corner. Depending on the look you want change up the ratio of yellow to pearl. I apply a matte black (6)  to the lash line focusing on the upper but adding some to the lower and smudge it out. You can use a gel liner or pencil if you want but I opted for a softer look. Then I applied a lot of mascara, but one that doesn’t clump so I can have a heavy look without clumps.

I then applied a dark lip, I used Revlon Black Cherry but it can go with a varity to lips (see: my Favourite Autumn Lips)

And thats it. I like wearing it with a bold brow (but my brows are always bold so I can't help that), a more contoured face, cheeks change up from plum, reds (bright and dark) but you can wear whatever you like.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Project Make A Dent

I have decided I have too much make up but project 10 pan seams far too daunting. So instead I’ve set a date for my self, November 15th, in a little less than two months time and I will try and use up as much of the products below as I can. A few I know I can finish others I just want to use more. I’ve focused on eyes and lips as that’s what I feel I have to much of, but I’ve thrown in a face powder as I feel I have too many that are almost finished that I need to use up. I  started this last Friday, so the 20th of September so it will last a little under a month. I’ve made a list of 2-3 things I shall allow myself to buy if I see, but won’t buy any lip or cheek or face products, so my collection should in theory shrink.

 MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist- I don’t want to finish this just to remember to use it

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Eyeliner Ultra Black- I was thinking of buying the urban decay one which is the love of my life, but I lost it. So I was thinking of buying it for my birthday, so I want this gone.

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter - Candy Apple- I have wayyyy to many red lipstick so I picked one that was clostest to gone, and threw out one that went bad.

Sleek Matte Me Nail Polish Fandango Purple and Polish Petal- New additions, but I’ve been loving them for they’re staying power.

Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base- I don’t want it gone, just with all the other stuff I use frequently.

Marks and Spencer- Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour- Damsel- I needed an autumnal shade in here, and this doesn’t have much in it to it won.

Revlon Eyeshadow ColorStay Smoky Shadow Stick Torch- I really like it but I don’t think I use it enough, so this will be a could opportunity to do so, especially since it goes well under a lot of the other shadows I have tried to use up.

Miss Dior Cherie- I've owned this for almost 5 years now and while I've treated it well, I think its time to go, even though I love it so (Look at me being all poetic)

Urban Decay Naked Palette- I’ve hit pan on 3 shades but feel others are far too under used, I love the palette so using it shouldn’t be too hard.  

Too Faced Natural Eye- I love this palette, hit pan on one shade and close on 3 others, my aim is to hit this one more than the other two. I doubt I can use it all since I’ve barely ever used nude beach and never intending too.  

Inglot freedom system- 395p, 315 m, s15, 123r, 124r- I love this palette and am close to hitting pan on 395p which is one of my favourite eye shadows ever. I’m not trying to finish it up just use it more and I need some red toned shades in my life, I doubt I could continue with this if I was always using natural shades.

MAC mineralise skin finish- I love this, but have barely used in the past year. I don’t need to use much to finish it so I should be finished it in a month a most. It needs to go so I’m excited to finish it. If finish it quickly I’ll go onto my amazing cosmetics as well.

Benefit Hoola bronzer – I have a lot of matte bronzer and I’m almost finished with a mini of this.

Nars Casino Bronzer- Another bronzer I know, but it’s darker, sheerer and with more of a glow. I’ve almost hit pan on this, so hopefully I can do some damge (in a good way)

Bobbi everyday
- I own dupes for all the shades so having it gone will be nice, I will be making an effort until its gone not just in the time.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

How Much Is Your Face Worth?

I’ve seen this on a few blogs and decided I should try. I do change up what I use frequently on the eyes, cheeks and lips but I’m using my more frequently used. I feel this is going to be high lets begin.

Sleek Blush Pixie Pink-£4.49 (I do change it up a lot though)

Bobbi Brown To Go Day Palette-  £12 (that was a guess it was a present and was in a set of two and I the only price I could find was American so this was estimate)
Scarlett and Crimson Clear Mascara- £3 (this was a totally guess, it was a gift and can’t find it after an unsuccessful google)
Urban Decay Oz The Great and Powerful Theodora- £35
Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara Waterproof-£5.99 (it’s usually 7.99 but it was special offer)

Revlon anything- they average around £7.49 to £7.99
Total: £153.18 (give or take 50p)

I feel like that is too high. I didn’t include brushes because I change it up so much. I shall delude myself into thinking my guesses were far over.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

An Eyebrow Routine for The Already Full-Browed Beauties

Because some of us look a little less Cara Delevingne, a little more Frida Kahlo.

About once a month I cut my brows, this isn’t necessary for everyone, but for me it is. I brush up my brows; use whatever you want e.g., a mascara brush, then just cut along the top with nail scissors.

An essential step for us is plucking I use Tweezersman tweezers, but you can you use whatever you want whether it is using tweezers like me, threading, waxing (at home or professionally), whatever. Just keep in mind the rough rule of where your eyebrows start, finish and where your arch should be (shown below) but keep in mind if it naturally it isn’t there don’t push it (as you can see mine aren’t within the lines nor are they symmetrical). My rule is less is always more because I’d rather look like Zachary Quinto than the Evil Queen.

Another important factor is colour for years I hated they way it looked if I did my brows and when I found the right colour it just looked natural. They key is going cool, it doesn’t matter if your hair is bright orange cool with always look better than warm (don’t ask me why just that it does). I personally use a black eye shadow. I know black, I always thought it would look weird too but it is only colour I will use. I have naturally very dark eyebrows but light-ish brown hair. There’s meant to be a rule of if your blonde go 2 shades lighter, and if you hair brown hair two shades lighter, but just go with natural colour of your brows it will look best (unless of course you’ve died your hair a drastically different colour).

I use a very light hand, and light brush for it. I use an E70 from Sigma, which is a medium angle brush far lighter and bigger than your average brow brush. I lightly brush this all over my brows, which fills them out a bit (not that I really need it) and takes away any gray cast foundation might leave on the brows.

Then I go in with a smaller brush like an E65 from Sigma, which is a small angle brush. I use this to fill in the end of brows because I went one snip wrong and have had to fill them in like this for the past 3 weeks (see what I mean about the Zachary Quinto thing).

Lastly I just go over my brows with clear mascara, but you could go all fancy with a brow gel (coloured or clear, I think clear would work best, especially if the powder matched perfectly).

For extra definition add an off white under the brow which gives the effect of a stronger arch and that’s it.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Top 11 lip products for the autumn/fall

In my opinion it’s the best time of year for lip products and I’m sure some of you feel the same, here’s some of my favourite lip products and most of them are pretty inexpensive

(from left to right)
Top row: Revlon- Black Cherry, Revlon- Crimson, Revlon-Soft Rose, Rimmel- 107, Clinque-All Heart 
Bottom row: Revlon- Red Velvet, Revlon- Raspberry Pie, L’Oreal- Juliet, Marks and Spencer- Damsel, Revlon-Crush, Sleek-Flandango Purple

(Clinque's All Heart is missing here because I may have dropped it down the back of my bookshelf)

Revlon- Super lustrous lipstick- Black Cherry- looks intimidating but can be a sheer wash of plum if lightly dabbed over a lip balm (shown below) but for the more adventurous it can be a dark Burgundy without being too much.

Revlon- Colour Burst- Crimson- I think this line is either discontinued/down sized and either way very hard to find. It is a darker slightly vampy red and is truly autumnal and luckily not too unique, I’ve heard NYX Round Lipstick in Eros is similar as is MAC’s Dubonnet.

Revlon- Colour Burst- Soft Rose- a very brown based pink and a great break from the dark vampy lips that are popular this time of year. Similar colours are Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle but it is more brown toned and with a glossier finish, MUA’s 11 also similar as is Chanel’s Mademoiselle. Clinque’s Blushing Nude is similar but a little less pink, a little more brown.

Rimmel- Kate Moss Matte- 107- a darker plum toned red, great for those who want to embrace a darker lip but are too afraid and for a matte is pretty comfortable on the lips.

Clinque- Long Last Lipstick- All Heart- a pink/red with a golden sheen. Despite having shimmer it doesn’t look too sparkly on the lips and applies very smoothly. Overall a very pretty colour. Clinque’s Rosette is similar but this has less of a distinct glitter.

Revlon- lip butter- Red Velvet- a brown-based dark red with a glossy finish. Adds a nice amount of colour on your lips but doesn’t look too dark or too red leading to a surprisingly neutral look.

Revlon- lip butter- Raspberry Pie- a mid-tone purple-based fuchsia. It’s brighter than your average darker lipstick and is very wearable. It’s one of my favourite all time lipsticks.

L’Oreal- Glam Shine Stains- Juliet- a very glossy rose. Out of all the ones I’ve swatched it seams to be the best from the line, very pigmented providing a decently opaque finish that lasts a good amount of time, it is easily sheered out and built up.

Marks and Spencer- Autograph Ultra Shine Twist-Up Lip Colour- Damsel- a mid-toned purple with a very glossy finish similar to Revlon’s Raspberry Pie but slightly darker.

Revlon- Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain- Crush- A purple-based plum with some shimmer that only translates as a sheen on the lips. It lasts good amount of time and when mixed with a light pink (Such as Estee Lauders- Crystal Baby) it turns to a wearable lilac that can work for the less adventurous or Spring/Summer months

Sleek- Matte Me- Flandango Purple- a darker bright purple with a very matte finish. Has great wear time, unless liquid is involved (but food is generally OK). Can be a bit uncomfortable to wear but if you but a glossy lip balm underneath it makes it more comfortable but keeps the matte finish

Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Guide To Hair Oils

Hair oils are a staple in my hair care routine and can do wonders for different types of things. They can also be inexpensive for just a carrier oil and if you want to add an extra essential oil for more benefits that’s great too. Carrier oils are the bulk of what you put on your hair, are generally cheap and have a variety of beneficial properties. Essential oils are a lot more expensive for the liquid but you use significantly less and you need too add a carrier oil to dilute it or it will irritate your skin. It usually says on the bottle how many drops can be added to the carrier oil.

I generally add some to my hair before a bath about once a week but if I ever have to wash my hair in the morning I put this on my hair before bed and sleep in it.

Different oils have different properties but a common trait is their moisturising abilities.

Carrier oils:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- one of my personal favourites, it is deep conditioning, it’s meant to stop hair loss as well as stopping dandruff. My dad has had dandruff for years and has used every product under the sun to try and stop it, I recommended olive oil and he said he noticed a distinct difference after one use.

Coconut Oil- my other favourite it’s a solid which melts in your hands but I often pop it in the bath for a minute or two to warm it up, if you want to mix an essential oil in you would need to melt it all the way first. It is a great option as it is moisturising, promotes hair growth, dandruff and thickens hair. It also has very small molecules so fits into your hair shaft better than most oils. It also is surprisingly un-greasy oil.

Castor Oil- thickens, smoothes and moisturises, best for coarse curly hair as it can weight hair down.

 Avocado Oil- packed full of vitamins and fatty acids it strengthens hair and boosts shine.

Essential Oils:

Lavender: a great all round oil you can’t go wrong, but it is especially great for dandruff and hair growth. It’s my most used essential oil.

Peppermint: helps stimulate hair growth.

Tea Tree: it moisturises hair and has great anti-bacterial properties so can be good for dandruff.

Chamomile: helps soothe hair so it is good for dandruff and irritation, which can be useful for chemically processed hair (and if it goes wrong).
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