Monday, 13 January 2014

Cranberry FOTD

I really love this sparkly cranberry look and I do wear it pretty frequently (for me that is) so I had to share.

Estée Lauder- cream shadow- Vintage Violet  
MAC- Devil (LE- MAC Coppering exact dupe), Cranberry
Urban Decay- Venus 
MAC- Reflects Blackened Red
Bobbi Brown- Bone
Volume De Chanel 

Prestige- Glam Tan
Clinque- Blackberry Blossom  


Smashbox Lipgloss- Tease 


Thursday, 9 January 2014

What I'm Wearing 4

Long time no what I’m wearing this week I really love the products in it and am excited to talk (or write) about them.

Smashbox Fade to Black- Fade In Palette- I got it for christmas and am obsessed. It has a great mix of colours that all work together really well. It’s palette that you can use just use by itself as it has a great mix of 4 mattes ranging from cream to dark brown, two shimmers in a taupe and a olive green and one super dark brown with some glitter but can be blended out so it’s more of a matte. All the shades are really pigmented, blendable and I would highly recommend checking this out. 

Sleek- Blush By 3- Flame- Sleek is hands down my favourite blush brand and this trio has a bright matte red, a orange red and a brown red.

Revlon- Embellished- What can I say I’m obsessed, it’s a burgundy lipgloss with lots of shimmer.

Smashbox- Tease- It’s a sheer purple lipgloss with a lot of shine. It’s a current love of mine

Revlon- Balmstain- Crush- a berry colour with a subtle shimmer which adds depth to the lips without looking frosted. It can also be sheered out with some lip balm which gives more of a stained looked to the lips


Monday, 6 January 2014

Top Beauty Product Discoveries of 2013

A couple of staples have cropped up this year and I’m sure I’m forgetting a fair few but I like changing up my so often true favourites are hard to come by.

Clarisonic Mia- I got this for christmas last year and is amazing. The difference in my skin has been great, while I definitely don’t have perfect skin, I’ve noticed less breakouts and even when I have them the rest of my skin still looks great.

Bobbi Brown Classic Everyday Palette- again I got it last christmas and is a great palette of basics. All matte (blush-bright pink and eyeshadows-cream, warm brown, black). I use it everyday on my brows and as a highlight. I also love layering the bright pink over a more rose toned blush to add dimension to my face.

Inglot 395p- Probably my favourite eyeshadow ever. It has a super metallic, high sheen finish which just opens up the eyes and adds the world to a look. If you light shimmery inner-corners you need this in your life. I finally hit pan on this yesterday and I was pretty proud of myself.

Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara (AKA Cover Girl Clump Crusher)- While it might not be totally clumpless it does a great job of adding length and volume to the lashes without becoming a spidery mess but a heavier look can be created without all the clumps if needed.

Revlon’s Black Cherry- A gorgeous blackened berry that can be in a full on vamped out look or sheered out for a more of a stained look which is just has pretty.

Urban Decay Oz the Great and Powerful- Theodora- It might not be the most interesting palette in the world, I do love the browns and think it is so easy to get a slightly smokey everyday look. The greens are also great to add as a pop of colour along the lower lash line and and I adore Beware which is the matte brown as it is the perfect transition colour for my skin tone. 

Revlon Lipgloss- Embellished- While I’ve only owned this for 2 months I’ve fallen in love. I’ve never really loved lipgloss and my use of it has waned over the years but since buying this I’ve been using other lip glosses as well (I’ve recently been love Smashbox’s Tease but I’ve only owned it a few weeks so it can’t count). It’s a dark red-berry shade with lots of shimmer. It works well alone and over so many different lipsticks.


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Simple Steps For A Festive Make-up Look

Because you can never be too festive...

Add glitter:
Such a simple step can be so hard to accomplish. Many brands do glitters either as loose pigments (such as MAC or Barry M), or as pressed eyeshadow (which Urban Decay are so famous for), they also come in cream and eyeliner form, but I find creams hard to add to a look without messing up the rest of your make-up, but eyeliners can add a hint of glitz to a look.

Whether it is pressed or loose form I find it best to take a dense brush and pack it on my lids, I always hold a bit of paper or tissue underneath my eyes to catch any fallout but if some does fall down (and it always does) take any form of duo-fibre brush and wipe it away as it is the only type of brush that won't buff it into your skin. If you still have some a bit of tape can help take is off.

A sticky base can often help make it stick to the lids or if you have a setting spray spritzing some onto a brush and dabbing it onto the lids prior to applying the glitter can also help.

While shimmer is great all year long there is just something really christmassy about going all out with a foiled look. With a three basics shimmers you can have a great metallic look in whatever colour you wish.

You will need: a mid-tone shade, a colour 2-3 shades lighter and one 2-3 shades darker. You don't want anything starkly different as it won't look foiled. The overall colour palette colour be darker or lighter it's up to you.

First apply the mid-tone shade in the inner third and out third of your lid, keeping the centre clear. Next take the lighter shade, place that over the centre making sure to blend so there are no harsh lines. Lastly put a little bit of the darker colour in outer corner and inner corner. If you find you have smaller lids you can skip the bit in the inner corner or just use a very small brush. Just add finishing touches of a matte highlighter and maybe a matt crease colour. For the inner corner either skip or apply a colour that isn't too frosted or light or it could take attention away from the centre of the lid.

Colour Scheme:
Just picking your colours right can add the festive spirit. A gold on the lids and a red lip can go along way, if you want more colour a pop of green either under the eyes or as liner can help add a bit of festive cheer to your face.


Monday, 9 December 2013

How To Fake False Lashes

Okay, chances are you're not going to trick anyone into thinking you're wearing falsies but it will give a dramatic look and add will add some glamour.

First you need to pick out your mascara, you want three layers, the first layer you want something that doesn't clump, this is only criteria. It will help build a great base but won't make everything clump up. Next is a dramatic mascara I like ones that are wet and clumpy as they often brush out to look amazing. Last is a waterproof/resistant mascara to seal everything in and add some extra length and volume. You don't need three different mascaras just two as long as the second mascara is different the first layer and the last layer can be different. Okay confusing part over.

This step is optional but applying a black eyeliner in your tightline thickens up your lashes.

First apply the clumpless mascara as usual, I'm using Max Factor's Clump Defy Mascara, if you live in a country where they sell Covergirl it's the same as their Clump Crusher.

Next I apply a little bit of LE VOLUME DE CHANEL Mascara then I brush it out with a lash brush but you could use a clean mascara wand. 

Lastly I use the waterproof mascara and if I think it looks to clumpy I brush it out again.


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Lush Christmas 2013 Part 2

I've tried out a few more Lush Products from their Christmas range and here are my opinions.

Bath Ballistics 

Luxury Lush Pud- It has a strong scent of lavender and as far as I can tell no other scent. It is meant to smell like the Twilight bath bomb but it has too much glitter so I never buy it so this is good for me. It turns the bath a great dark purple colour.

Snowman- This has a nice mild-vanillary scent and has cocoa butter in it which makes the bath soothing and mourising. I have read some reviews saying they didn't like the oily film it gave but I love it has I have quite dry skin. It also makes the bath a very light red colour which I doubt will stain so it's a plus.

Lip Scrub 

Popcorn- It has a sweet/salty flavour and works as a great lip scrub but at the end of the day it is probably really over priced and you could easily make your own but saying that I do really like it.


Monday, 2 December 2013

Bronze Glitter FOTD

I think for the month of December I will forgo What I'm Wearing posts as I get too christmas happy and try and recreate every christmas look I can find and then create my own. But I should be putting up quite a few FOTD instead.

Nars Pro Primer
Revlon Torch- Bronze Side
Vice 2 Palette- Rewind (crease), Ambush (lids), Radar (outer third), Smokeout (lash line), Dope (inner corner),  Damaged (inner third of lower lash line).
Bobbi Brown- Bone
Mac- Blackened Red Reflects
Bobbi Brown- Smokey Eyes Mascara

Estee Lauder- Witty Peach

Revlon- Red Velvet Lip Butter
Revlon- Embellished Lip Gloss


Friday, 29 November 2013

The Lipstick Tag

While my love affair with lipsticks came later other make-up products they are now my obsession. I have way too many, and love it. So I just had to do this tag.

How many lipsticks do you own?
I have an embarrassing amount, I don't even want to try and count it but to give you a scale I have about ten 'favourites' and that's barley even scratching the surface.

What was your first ever lipstick?
Clinque's Blushing nude, and I still love brown-toned rose shades.

What is your favourite brand for lipstick?
Revlon. I love them, I have at least 20 lipsticks from them (don't judge) as well as lip stains and even a gloss. I just think they have a great pigmented formulation that goes across the board form their Lip Butters to the Superlustrous, if I ever need (Okay maybe need isn't the right word...) shade I always look there first.

What is your most worn lipstick?
Probably either Revlon's soft Rose which is sadly discontinued or their lip butter in Raspberry Pie. 

What is your favourite finish?
I love creamy/glossy finishes like the Revlon lip butters but I am also a fan of mattes as they have great wearing power so they are a great busy day go-to.

What was the last lipstick you bought?
If Sleek's Matte Me counts then that in Brink Pink if not then Revlon's Fire and Ice which I bought a few months ago so I'm pretty proud of myself.

How many lip products do you currently have in your bag? (including glosses and balms)
I'm taking this question as my go-to blazer as that's where I keep my most important stuff. I generally have 2 tinted balms (one in a light pink the other a rose shade) I may also bring along shade if I feel like it.

What lipstick do your use to rock a red lip?
The real question is what don't I? I do like Revlon's Lip Butter in Candy Apple, their Fire and Ice but I also a matte one by Sleek and a very orange toned one that was limited edition a few years ago by MAC. I also have the red lip4 by Sleek. I am under the delusion I have no reds so I am always buying them when actually I way to many.

How do you store your lipsticks?
I have 3 layers to my lip organisation. First is two section-thingeys with 6 sub-sections each (technical language I know) from muji all have a place and store by colour (eg reds, purples, light pinks etc), then I have a large tray from Muji where I store my favourites which alternate every few weeks. Then is the 2 or 3 I plan to wear that week which are kept where I keep all my go-to make-up. 

What lip products are you currently lusting after?
I love the look of  Revlon Matte Balm Stains, but they aren't out here until January.


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Project Make A Dent: Complete

I bought a total of 2 make-up items over the past two months, one of which I pre-let myself buy and the other was a I'm at a CCO I'm allowed something-thing. So I'm pretty proud.

Products I finished:

Rimmel Pro Primer- I can't believe I forgot about this at the start, but as soon as I realised I quickly made an effort and it was gone within a few days. I like the primer but I think my L'óreal one is better but this was £10 cheaper.

MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Natural- I probably had a couple of uses left but I think it was time to go. I've had it for a few years and I like it, it provides nice coverage and has nice finish. I remembered why I switched as I love dewier foundations with a more matt powder as I think it gives a nice skin-like finish and this just doesn't set it well enough but for those who don't need that then I would recommend it.

Proud of my progress:

Inglot 395p- I am so close to hitting pan on this it is insane. I use thinking 'today will be the day' and it isn't. I don't know whether this is a good thing or not.

Bobbi Brown Classic Everyday Kit- I've used the black everyday on brows, and the highlight shade as well. I love it and am so close to hitting pan on bone. I've also used the blush more than expected, but barely used the brown as there are so many others that I own that are more convenient.

Naked Palette- I'm pretty proud of my progress as I think I've made good work on colours like Sin and Toasted which I do love but never really wear (despite Sin being my jam when I first started wearing make-up). I also used creep way more than expected, I didn't use it loads but still more than expected.

Benefit Hoola- I used this a lot towards the start but tailed off once I received Tarte's Park Ave. Princess for my birthday but I still feel I made good progress on it.

Revlon Candy Apple- I've really loved this colour as it so easy to wear and goes with a lot of things while I've got a while to go before finishing I had used up a decent amount.

So that's it while I didn't make as much progress as I may have wanted. My collection hasn't grown as I have received/bought 3 things but finished 2 and thrown away a few mascaras that have dried up or I've owned to long so I view this as a success.


Monday, 25 November 2013

Lauren Conrad: What I'm Wearing 3

I have a huge obsession with all things Lauren Conrad and especially her style. So this week I look to her beauty book as inspiration (but not necessarily from the everyday section thought). So I am sticking to her clean, polished look just with bolder lips than her everyday.

Revlon Torch Smoky Shadow Stick- these are great cream eyeshadows. The shimmery pink will look great on its own or under more neutral shade.

Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Palette- This was a limited edition palette but fairly dupable it is a pink/taupe palette with basic shades.

Bourjois Liner Clubbing- A simple, black liquid liner that will get a lot of use as Lauren loves winged liner.

MAC fluid line Dark Diversion- A limited edition dark burgundy liner that I will use if I yet tired of black.

Nars Danmari Palette- It came out a few christmases ago but they came out with a fairly similar one this year. It has a lovely bronzer, great blushes and while I don't love the highlighter on the face, I love it on the eyes.

Estee Lauder Witty Peach- A great peach blush I've recently forgotten about and I thought it was very in keeping with this weeks theme.

Prestige Miner Bronzing Powder in Pure Shimmer- as I said last weeks it's a great dupe for MAC's Soft and Gentle and I'm loving a bit of shimmer on the face recently. 

Sleek Matte me in Brink Pink- While neon pink may not be very Lauren I think with a bit of sheering out it can look great and not too off base. 

Revlon Fire and Ice- A bit more Lauren-y as she does love a red lip as do I. 


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Haul/ What I'm Wearing Week 2

I was going to do a Catching Fire themed one using red-toned shades this week but I went shopping, bought too much pretty much negating my project make a dent so now it is basically a haul (which involves red tones) with some other red tones thrown in.

Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer (New)- I didn't know wether I wanted to include it but since it isn't a staple I went with yes. My usual concealer is a little dark for right now so I'm trying out this one.

Mac- De Vil/ Coppering- De Vil is limited edition but it is very similar to Coppering in the regular collection. They are both rustic red which again I love.

Sleek- Vintage Romance Palette- It has some great purples and golds with cool darks colours and a lot of shimmery colours. It also has an amazing red/brown which I adore.

Rimmel- Brixton Brown- Why you'd name a make-up item after Brixton I don't know but I loved the look of so I'm game. It has a great copper shade and 4 other more neutrals. this would be a great palette if you wanted to get into red shades but where a little unsure, as it has some universal shades you could wear without the red and add it for more experimental occasions.

Revlon- Embellish Lip Gloss- I'm not the biggest lip gloss fan but I had been admiring the shade for a while and it was three for two so I just needed it (right?). It's a dark berry with some shimmer, I think it looks good and not too intense alone and would be a great layering colour especially around christmas.

Revlon Black Cherry- I've been loving this at the moment and it goes really well with the gloss.

Revlon Fire and Ice-A very christmassy red and I'm pumped for it. It again goes really well with the gloss.

Tarte Off The Cuff Palette- A great blush palette that has a variety of looks.

Prestige Miner Bronzing Powder in Pure Shimmer- a great dupe for MAC's Soft and Gentle, with christmas coming up I love a bit of sparkle.

Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara- A great all round mascara.


Friday, 15 November 2013

The Christmas Tag 2013

I was planning on waiting to put this up but... I had no other blogposts that where ready (I'm lazy at taking photos). I'm sure there will be more, and I'm sure I will do them because I love christmas. So here we go: 

Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic?
Real! I can't imagine not having one if you are able to.

You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick up?
Hot chocolate but to be honest I'm not the biggest fan of hot drinks. I love tea but not in shops, I don't like coffee and hot chocolate makes me feel sick but I love the taste so I sometimes risk it.

What's your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
I don't really go by one but I like gold and red.

Giving or receiving?
It depends, if I've put a lot of thought behind the gift and I'm proud of it then giving but if not... receiving! 

To mince pie or not to?
To mince pie! I love them, Starbucks do great ones but I also make my own completely from scratch a few days before christmas and I love them.

What's your traditional Sunday lunch?
For christmas day it's the shebang (Is that how you right it?), turkey, multiple types of stuffing, roast potatoes, brussel sprouts, sausages wrapped in bacon (my favourite) and then at the end christmas pudding and custard.

Christmas day fashion
Pyjamas of course, but special christmas ones that we got the night before.

What's your favourite Christmas song?
I love the entire polar express album as it's a great mix of classics and original songs but I also love Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer is catchy one if not  morbid.

What's your favourite Christmas film?
Arthur's Perfect Christmas (not to be confused with Arthur Christmas which I also love), I've watched it every christmas since it first came on and can't remember a christmas without it. I also love the Polar Express but I hate The Nightmare Before Christmas. Another one I love is the Muppet's Christmas Carol.

Open presents before or after lunch?
As soon as you get up! Is there any other way!?!

And that's it :). If you didn't see my last blogpost which I accidentally posted early and had re-draft it so doesn't come up when it should you can see it here it's also christmas related)


Monday, 11 November 2013

Punk Princess: What I'm Wearing Week 1

Every sunday I think of all the outfits I'll wear that week and pick out some make-up products that will go with that and most of the time I think of (loose) theme so picking out a few make-up products is easier. So I will post whats in store for that week (not including everyday things, which I will have a separate blogpost up on soon). 

This week is, slightly smokey eyes and slightly dark lips.

Naked Palette- I think this palette as great options for both lighter and darker looks. I'm sure I will be wearing Sidecar and Creep more than usual.

L'Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza - Pure Black- a good gel liner that is easy to blend out for a smokey look.

Maybelline Tough as Taupe/ Permanent Taupe- I love this as a base especially under Sidecar.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyes Mascara- Gives a nice full, dark lash look which works well for heavier make-up.

Tarte Off The Cuff Palette- a nice array of blushes and a bronzer.

Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue Cherry Chocolate- a dark brown-based red that can be used on both the lips and the cheeks.

Rimmel Lipstick 107- a matte berry/red that is a little darker than an average red but not too dark for everyday

Revlon Black Cherry- a dark burgundy which can applied heavy or light and looks great both ways.

L'Oreal Glossy Stain Juliet- A rose colour that can be built up to a more intense colour or kept simple.

And that's it for this week, I'm sure with christmas coming up my themes will become increasingly disjointed but christmas so it's okay.



Saturday, 9 November 2013

My Favourite Make-Up Books

Combining my two great loves of make-up and books, if I found one that somehow worked TV in there I would be in heaven. Here are a few of my favourites.

Make-up Masterclass- Jemma Kidd- a great book that is half information on individual techniques and steps, and half tutorials which I think is the perfect mix. It goes into a nice amount of detail on each step including skin care without going overboard on unnecessary steps like skin or fitness like Bobbi Brown can. It also isn't very condescending as I find many can say you have to do this or never to do that which just isn't true (again Bobbi Brown is a major culprit). The step by steps are also nice as they are divided up into skin tone (with both warm and cool counterparts) and giving you info on which one you are. It also a has nice section on bridal make-up. I would recommend to most but it definitively tailored to beginners.

Make-up the ultimate guide- Rae Morris- I find this a mix of beginner and advanced as it has a detailed section of contouring and highlighting (think Kardashian) and vast array of looks but it also as great section on make-up for older skin which would be helpful for beginners (or a beginner in what type of make-up you now have to wear). I love the over 40 section (even though I have a long way to go) as it teaches you how to use shimmer as many make-up artists say 'if you're older a certain age don't even bother'. I know Rae Morris has an entire book on make-up for older skin and would highly recommend checking it out if you think it's suitable for you.

Beauty- Lauren Conrad- I love Lauren Conrad while I was never a huge fan of Laguna Beach or the Hills I still caught quite a few episodes and even then wasn't the biggest fan but over the past months (or years) I've fallen in love. I religiously read both her and her stylists blog and so I just needed a beauty book by her (I mean if I can't have TV, make-up and book, I'll settle for this). It's quite different from the other books on this list, it's more for your casual make-up wearer who likes to look good, knows a bit about it but wants a few simple looks to go to. Despite the fact this is very much not me I love it, I mean I've picked this over Game of Thrones quite a few times for a bath time read (who likes showers anyway?). It also has hair looks which I like as they are all very simple and very up my street, it also has good tips on fitness and skin care but not in an over-bearing way like Bobbi Brown can.

Any Bobbi Brown book- I know I have given her a bit of flack over the course of this post, I really am a fan but I think her advice should be taken with a grain of salt. I own three of her books, Teenage Beauty, Makeup Manual and Beauty Rules and how found she has a very definitive way of doing this and doesn't like you straying from it. I always feel judged when I don't use her methods, such as her way of applying blush which is now very popular and I just don't think it is flattering. I also find her  bit of  hypocrite as in every book she uses her '10 step system' and says you have to apply it this way and every time you can see the order of the photos has been changed. She says do the lips after foundation but the eyes are clearly done up, then onto the eyes and the model has no lipstick on but recently I have been seen on her website it is in the correct order (i.e. photos and description matching up). This sounds like a rant in what should be a favourites, I do think she provides good information just remember not to take everything she says to heart. 

I am always on the look out for more make-up books so I'm sure at some point I will do another one of these but for now this is it and what are some of your favourites because I am all ways interested to know.


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Halloween FOTD

A little late up but whatever, here's the (totally awesome) look I wore on halloween (to do nothing...) it's inspired by the look Kimberly Walsh had on in last years Strictly Come Dancing Halloween special.


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

Rimmel Powder Stay Matte 

Bourjois Bronzer Range Primer Bronzer

Nars Sin Blush


Nars sumdge proof primer

Sleek Blush By 3 Flame- matt red

NYX milk jumbo eyeshadow pencil

A matt white shadow (by Sleek I think, but not sure)

Urban Decay- Smokeout (from Vice 2)

Bobbi Brown- Bone

L'Oreal Superliner Gel Intenza - Pure Black

Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara Waterproof


Revlon Lipbutter - Red Velvet